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We study the opto-electronic properties of nanostructured materials and devices, and design novel devices. In particular, we design quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) that can operate at a high temperature with very high efficiency. We also design novel QCLs to generate ultra-short (sub-ps) pulses in the mid-IR, which is fundametally forbidden using conventional modelocking techniques. We study the incoherent and coherrent carrier transport processes in QCLs.

Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are compact semiconductor light sources in the mid-IR range. The emission wavelength of QCLs can be tailored in the THz range too. QCLs are electrically pumped unipolar devices where electrons cascade through the repeated structure after generating photons. Since the generated wavelength depends on the energy spacing between two energy subbands in the conduction band, emission wavelength depends on the design rather than on the material property.

Figure 1 shows a schematic illustration of the conduction band profile and cascading of the electrons through the repeated structure. Figure 2 shows the moduli-squared wavefunctions and the conduction band energy diagram of one period of an actual QCL.
Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Principal Investigator
Dr. Muhammad Anisuzzaman Talukder
Office : EE 602, NAB 526
Dept. of EEE
Dhaka 1000

Phone 9665650 Ext. 7272
FAX 8613046
News & Updates
Sept 30, 2010
Paper submitted to Journal of Applied Physics. more

Sept 29, 2010
Paper submitted to New Journal of Physics. more

Sept 03, 2010
Paper accepted in PGC 2010. more

Aug 31, 2010
Paper accepted in ICECE 2010. more

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