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CSE 303:


Course Teacher

Dr. Ashikur Rahman

E-mail: ashikur@cse.buet.ac.bd


20/08/2016: Class begins from August 27th, 2016 Saturday

07/10/2016: Class Test 2 has been rescheduled to October 17, Monday at 8:00 AM. Syllabus Chapter 3: Design Theory

07/10/2016: Class Test 1 marks have been posted. Please click here to know your marks.

12/11/2016: Class Test 2 marks have been posted. Please click here to know your marks.

Required Text

Database Systems: The Complete Book (2nd Edition) By Héctor García-Molina, Jeffrey Ullman, and Jennifer Widom

Course Objective

This course covers database design and the use of databases in applications. The objectives of the course are to attain a basic knowledge of database programming, an understanding of the internals of relational database engines, and an ability to analyze solutions to real-life interesting problems. It includes extensive coverage of the relational model, relational algebra, and SQL. The course also features database design and relational design principles based on dependencies and normal forms. Many additional key database topics from the design and application-building perspective are also covered, including indexes, views, transactions, and integrity constraints. In the lab there will be a programming project which will explore database design and management in web applications by utilizing appropriate features of SQL.

Course Outline

The topics to be covered include but not limited to introduction and history of database; realtional model, realtional algebra, structured query language (SQL), database design theory, enetity-realtionship diagram, constrains and triggers, transactions, indexing, query optimization, and data analytics.


The final grade of this course will be evaluated by the following weighted combination:

(a) Attendance: 10%

(b) Quiz (3 out of 4): 20%

(c) Final Examination: 70%

Lecture Slides


Handouts are additional reading materials that might help you in understanding a topic in depth. Please check out the following handouts.

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Practice Databases

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