CSE 6811: Wireless Ad hoc Networks


5:30 - 8:00 PM

Room No.: CSE 504

Course Teacher

Dr. Ashikur Rahman

E-mail: ashikur@cse.buet.ac.bd


25/10/2016: Class begins from October 29th, 2016 Saturday

24/11/2016: Project topics have been posted. For each project EXACTLY THREE members are allowed and requires a presentation in the class and submission of a report. Presentation and project report guidelines have also been posted. Please form a team, send the names of the team members and your DESIRED topic, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. The presentation dates are FIXED and can not be changed under any circumstances, if you miss you loose your presentation marks!

15/12/2016: Mid term Examination will be held on January 14th, Saturday. Syllabus of Mid term is all broadcasting protocols, DSR and AODV.

02/02/2017: Final Examination will be held on February 25th, Saturday. The papers included in the Final exam syllabus are marked with 'f' in bracket.

02/02/2017: Project submission deadline is February 25th, Saturday right before the final exam.

02/14/2017: Midterm marks have been posted. To see your mark please click here .

Required Text

There is no required text for this course. Although a book titled "Ad-hoc Wireless Networks" by C Siva Ram Murty and B S Manoj is available.

The course is based exclusively on a collection of required research paper readings that are available on-line. Additional notes are provided by the instructor.

Course Objective

This course is an advanced research-oriented course specially designed for graduate students. We will cover various topics relevant to a cutting-edge technology, namely, Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). Upon completion of this course, a student will learn the state of the art researches on MANETs and enhance their potential to perform research in this new exciting area.


The final grade of this course will be evaluated by the following weighted combination:

(a) Mid term Examination: 30%

(b) Final Examination: 35%

(c) Project (total): 25%         

      (i) Presentation: 10%

      (ii) Findings and reports: 15%

(d) Class participation: 10%


(1) Exams are based on the required readings presented in the class.

(2) Projects are group works and each group consists of a certain number of student members. The number of students allowefd in a group will be announced later. Group members are chosen by the students themselves based on mutual understandings and must be approved by the instructor. The project topics will be supplied by the instructor once the groups are formed. Projects are mostly survey type focusing on a particular topic.  A synthesis of the survey must be presented in the class starting from 10th weeks of the classes. Some projects might require simulations to be performed. A project report needs to be submitted at the end of the term.


Look at the following chart for a quick conversion:

90-100% A+ 4.0

80-89% A 3.5

70-79% B+ 3.0

60-69% B 2.5

50-59% C 2.0

0-49% F 0.0

Note that this is an approximate conversion chart and the mark/grade conversion may fluctuate a few % for any given class of students.

Lecture Slides


Handouts are additional reading materials that might help you in understanding a topic in depth. Please check out the following handouts.

Papers that will be Covered in the class (it might get updated as needed)

Project topics:

(Topic 1) Swarm intelligence for routing in ad hoc wireless networks

Group Members: Shantanu Shipan Sarker (0416052041), Mahmood Ahmed (0416052028), Md. Mostafizur Rahman (0416052032)

(Presentation: January 28, 2017)

Sample paper: ARA-the ant-colony based routing algorithm for MANETs


(Topic 2) Topology Control using Directional Antennas

Group members: Md. Nasir Uddin (0413052018), Md. Jubydull Akber (1014052068), Shariful Islam (1014052010)

Presentation: February 04, 2017

Sample paper: A Topology Control Approach to Using Directional Antennas in Wireless Mesh Networks


(Topic 3) Issues for routing in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs)

Group members: Farjana Rashid (0416052076), and Ratan Kumar Roy (0416052089)

(Presentation: February 11, 2017)

Sample paper: Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey


(Topic 4) Delay bounded routing in VANETS

Group members: Tasnim Manzur Ankon (1015052071), Sanjida Nasreen Tumpa (1015052073), Anika Binte Islam (0416052060)

(Presentation: January 28, 2017)

Sample paper: Delay bounded routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks


(Topic 5) Broadcast storm problem in VANET

Group Members: Syeda Farzia Afroze, Zeenat Islam, Faysal Hossain Shezan

(Presentation: February 04, 2017)

Sample paper: Broadcast storm mitigation techniques in vehicular ad hoc networks


(Topic 6) Coverage algorithms in visual sensor networks

Group Members: Sharmin Afrose (1015052023), Khaleda Akther Papry, (1015052041), Sikder tahsin al-amin (1015052076)

(Presentation: February 11, 2017)

Sample paper: Coverage algorithms in visual sensor networks


(Topic 7) Effect of tunable parameters in IEEE 802.11 based networks.

Group Members: Nazmul Md.Sahariar (1014052043), Ananto Ghosh (1014052047)

(Presentation: January 28, 2017)

Sample paper: Tuning the Carrier Sensing Range of IEEE 802.11 MAC


(Topic 8) Location Aided Power-Aware Routing.

Group Member: Hafsa Zannat (1015052008), Tasneem Farhat (1015052095)

(Presentation: February 04, 2017)

Sample paper: A Location-aided Power-aware Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


(Topic 9) Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN).

Group member: Md. Tarikul Islam Papon (1015052028), Shourav Nath (1015052043)' Ifty Ahmed (1015052052)

(Presentation: February 11, 2017)

Sample paper: Routing in a Delay Tolerant Network


(Topic 10) Performance of TCP on IEEE 802.11-based networks.

Group members: Tasmin Tamanna Haque (0416052092) and Jibon Naher(1015052040)

(Presentation: January 28, 2017)

Sample paper: Does IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol Work Well in Multi-hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks?


(Topic 11) Location based routing.

Group members: Mazhar (1015052033), Sultan Ahmed (0416052090)

(Presentation: February 04, 2017)

Sample paper: GPSR: Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing for Wireless Networks


(Topic 12) Power-Aware Routing in Wireless Ad hoc Networks.

Sample paper: Power-Aware Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Group members: ) Md. Yusuf (0416052068), Md. Shayed Hasan (1014052065)

(Presentation: February 11, 2017)


(Topic 13) Smart-phone based localization techniques.

Group members: Mohammad Masudur Rahman (0416052074), Shamima Nasrin (0416052087)

Sample paper: Smart phone based attendance checking system

(Presentation: January 28, 2017)


(Topic 14) Routing in Flying Ad Hoc Networks(FANETs).

Sample paper: Dynamic Routing for Flying Ad Hoc Networks

Group members: Mamunoor Rashid (1015052006)

(Presentation: February 11, 2017)


(Topic 15) Modelling broadcasting protocols for Ad hoc Wireless networks.

Sample paper: Analytical modeling of self-pruning and an improved probabilistic broadcast for wireless multihop networks

Group members: Nazmus Saquib (1015052045)

(Presentation: February 04, 2017)

Project Report Guideline:     
Presentation Marking Scheme:     
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