Professional Activities


Sponsored Research Projects



United Nations University-UNU (Japan) - BUET Joint Research on Development of Household Arsenic Removal Unit, PI- Dr. M. Ashraf Ali, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET, Dhaka-1000, BANGLADESH, (Completed in 2001).


United Nations University - UNU (Japan) - BUET Joint Research on "Fate of Arsenic in the Environment", PI- Dr. M. Ashraf Ali, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET, Dhaka-1000, BANGLADESH, December 2001 - December 2002.


Joint Research Project on "Groundwater Dynamics and Arsenic Contamination in the Ganges Delta: Irrigated Agriculture, Subsurface Chemical Transport, and Aquifer Flushing" conducted with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Tufts University, USA funded by the US National Science Foundation (Grant No. EAR-0510429).


Joint Research Project on "Arsenic in Irrigated Land and in Food Chain", conducted jointly with the EAWAG, Switzerland, funded by the Swiss National Foundation (SNF), 2005-2007.

Graduate Students and Research Works


Ph.D. Students:

  1. Md. Ehosan Habib, "Removal of Manganese and Arsenic from Groundwater Using Manganese Oxide Coated Sand", December 2013

  2. Md. Akramul Alam, "Modeling The Impact Of Waste Load Allocation On The Water Quality Of The Sitalakhya River", October 2011  (Co-Supervisor)

  3. Mohammod Aktarul Islam Chowdhury, "Identification of Causes and Sources of Arsenic Contamination Groundwater of Bangladesh", September 2006

  4. Ganesh C. Saha, "Accumulation of Arsenic in Agricultural Soil and Selected Crops", February 2006


Master's Students:

  1. Syed Mohammed Tareq, "Environmental Management of Water Logging Problem in South-West Coastal Region of Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, Ongoing

  2. Md. Atauzzaman, "Assessment of the Impact of Overflows from Special Sewage Diversion Structures on the Water Quality of Hatirjheel", M.Sc. Engineering, Ongoing

  3. Md. Kabir Uddin Sikder, "Ultraviolet Disinfection for Small Water Supply Systems", M.Sc. Engineering, February 2015

  4. Shakil Ahmed, "Modeling Manganese Removal from Groundwater by Filtration thorugh Manganese Oxide Coated Media", M.Sc. Engineering, November 2013

  5. Tanjina Afrin, "Development of a Grid-based Emission Inventory and an Air Quality Model for Dhaka City", M.Sc. Engineering, October 2012

  6. Md. Saiful Islam, "Assessment of the Potential for Arsenic Accumulation in Rice Field Soils in Bangladesh and its Implications on Rice Yield", M.Sc. Engineering, August 2012

  7. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, "Assessment of Climate Change Related Impacts and Adaptation Measures for the Road Transport Sector of Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, July 2011

  8. Md. Ibrahim Sabit, "Evaluation of Water Quality and Pollution Sources of Gulshan Lake", M.Sc. Engineering, July 2011

  9. Sheikh Mokhlesur Rehman, "Air Quality Assessment and the Health Effects of Air Pollution in Dhaka City through Impact-Pathway Model", M.Sc. Engineering, September 2010

  10. Tanzina Rahman, "Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on Future Wheat Cultivation in Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, July 2010

  11. Kazi Mahmuda Tasneem, "Removal of Manganese from Groundwater using Sorptive Filtration", M.Sc. Engineering, June 2010

  12. Shamarokh Arjumand, "Developing Spatially Distributed Emission Inventory for Dhaka City", M.Sc. Engineering, June 2010.

  13. Muhammad Sohail-us-Samad, "Evaluation of Water Quality Restoration of Hatirjheel", M.Sc. Engineering, September 2009.

  14. Md. Mohaimanur Rahman, "Effects of Climate Change on T. Aman Cultivation in Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, July 2009.

  15. Jayanta Kumar Basak, "Effects of Climate Change on Boro Cultivation on Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, May 2009.

  16. Preetom Kishore Roy, "Arsenic Adsorption Characteristics of Magnetite Nanoparticles", M.Sc. Engineering, April 2009.

  17. Mahbuboor Rahman Choudhury, "Assessment of Hematite Nanoparticles as Adsorbent for Arsenic Removal", M.Sc. Engineering, January 2009.

  18. Farzana Sharif Khan, "Assessment of Water Quality at DND Conveyance Canal and its Implications on Treated Water Quality at Saidabad Water Treatment Plant", May, 2008.

  19. Mst Mahafuza Rahman, "Assessment of Health Risk from Exposure to Arsenic in Selected Arsenic Affected Areas of Bangladesh", M. Engineering Engineering, March 2008

  20. Sultana Rebeka Akhter, "Adsorption-Desorption Characteristics of Arsenic on Agricultural Soil", M.Sc. Engineering, December 2006

  21. Md. Eftekharul Alam, "Impact of Unplanned Withdrawal of Groundwater on Shallow-Tubewell Irrigaion in Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, November 2006

  22. Asiful Hoque, "Assessment of Iron, Manganese and Arsenic Removal Efficiencies of Conventional Iron Removal Plants", M.Sc. Engineering, October 2006

  23. Md. Shafiul Azam, "Quantitative Health Risk Assessment for Urban Water Supply in Selected Communities", M.Sc. Engineering, August 2005.

  24. Syed Ataharul Islam, "Estimation of Industrial Pollution Load in Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, September 2004.

  25. Snigdha Afsana, "Removal of Manganese from Groundwater by Oxidation and Adsorption Processes", M.Sc. Engineering, August 2004.

  26. Mohammad Asad Hossain, "Role of Floodplain Sedimentation in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer", M.Sc. Engineering, September 2003.

  27. Md. Abdullah Al Masud, "A Study on Arsenic in Irrigation Water and Plant-Soil Environment in Bangladesh", M.Sc. Engineering, June 2003.

  28. Miah M. Hussainuzzaman, "Development and Field Testing of a Low-cost Household Arsenic Removal Unit", M.Sc. Engineering, May 2003.

  29. Shamim Ara Begum, "Present Status and Trends in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Bangladesh", M.Engineering, July 2001.

  30. Ganesh Chandra Saha, "Assessment of Groundwater Contamination in Dhaka City from Tannery Waste", M.Sc. Engineering, July 2001.

  31. Nibedita Chowdhury, "Removal of Arsenic from Water using Ferric Chloride", M.Sc. Engineering, October 1999.

  32. A.N.M. Ahsanuzzaman, "Investigation of Lead Contamination in Dhanmondi Lake", M.Sc. Engineering, September 1996.






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