Research Projects

Joint Collaboration

  • Japanese Government Project, Bottom of Pyramid analysis for appropriate water supply and Sanitation Options for the Rural areas of Bangladesh,
  • Tropical Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment – removal of nitrogenous pollutants, Funded by Netherland Funded
  • Integrated Water Resource Management and Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Environment, Funded by JSPS, Team of Seven Universities from Asia and Pacific Universities.(Country PI)
  • Practical Research on Development and Dissemination of Arsenic Removal Plants from Groundwater in Rural Area of Bangladesh- Lead by Toyo University, Japan. (Country PI)
  • Study on Prediction and Control Technology of Atmospheric and Noise Environment in Mega City South Asia - Joint Research project between BUET and the University of Tokyo, Japan. (Country PI)
  • Perturbation and Coastal Zone Systems in Asia Pacific Region: Holistic Approaches and Tools for Vulnerability Assessment and Sustainable Management Strategy, APN Funded project, Seven collaborating Universities. Lead University: Monash University, Australia. (Country PI)
  • Host researcher of the MIT-BUET joint ongoing research on "Transport mechanism of Arsenic in ground water of Bangladesh " funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), USA .
  • "Study on Solar Desalination Plant for drinking water supply" Project funded by WHO
  • Principal Investigator of the Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) research group (The group being formed by researchers from MIT, Tokyo University and Swiss Institute of Research) working on "Sustainable Water Supply System in Arsenic-affected Asian Environment".
  • Modification and improvement of the Arsenic removal equipment (Nano-filter technology) developed at the Tokyo University , Japan
  • Monitoring Human exposure to air pollution Jointly with the research group of Tokyo University , Japan

Home Country

  • Potential of water efficient fixtures in Dhaka city
  • Rainwater harvesting potential in Bangladesh
  • Reliability analysis of water supply in Dhaka city
  • Study on the flood shelters in and around Dhaka city
  • Study on Ground water extraction in Bangladesh
  • Developing simulation software on the water distribution Network
  • Laboratory measurement of water quality from different areas of Bangladesh
  • Laboratory testing of water sample for checking the presence of Arsenic
  • Study on Fire hazard mitigation potential at different areas of Dhaka city
  • Study on fire hazard potential at different organizations
  • Hospital Waste and community safety
  • Work place environment of the SMEs in Dhaka city
  • Alternate water supply options in Bangladesh
  • Mapping deep tube wells and flow rate in Dhaka city (DWASA zone-4)
  • Spatial information of Arsenic contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh
  • Rainfall Regime & Flood Monitoring System in Bangladesh
  • Literacy rate in different areas of Bangladesh
  • Application of GIS on data of hospitals and other healthcare centers of Bangladesh


  • The University BLUE (BUET ) in 1994 for the overall excellence (awarded to 3 students since 1981 and only 20 students in the history of the university) both in the academic arena as well as in Games and athletics
  • Excellent presenter in the Annual General Meeting of JSCE held in Nagoya 1996 for the paper submitted (As the First and so far the only Bangladeshi)
  • "Huang Award " declared each year to one student in the River and Environmental Engineering laboratory, University of Tokyo for the contribution to research activities
  • The Chancellor's Award in 1985 for merit position in the Higher Secondary Examination in Dhaka Board being in the top 20 among about 1,00,000 students.
  • Evaluated as "Excellent Faculty" for part-time teaching at North South University (NSU).

Organizing/Leading Activities:

  • Published more than One hundred and twenty technical papers in International Journals and Peer Reviewed Conferences
  • Captain of the University (BUET) cricket team for Four times
  • Manager of the University (BUET) cricket team for three times
  • Participated in the National cricket League
  • 1. Organizer of the International Seminar on "Renewable Energy for Poverty Alleviation" held in Bangladesh on 26-27 November 1999
  • 2. Editor of the proceedings on "Problems of Dhaka city and Integrated approach towards its solution", National seminar and Publication, Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (on 50 the Anniversary)


Completed training on the operation of GIS software Arc/Info.

Computer skills: Star-CD (CFD simulation software) and GridGen (Mesh Generator), ArcGIS, GRASS-GIS, QGIS, MODFLOW, EPIC, Visual Basic, MSAccess, AutoCAD, MS Office, LabTalk, Mathematica, MatLab, Freelance, Micro Cal Origin, Spy Glass, Transform, Stanford Graphics, Delta Graph, Statgraphics, HEC-RAS, AquaDyn, Water CAD, Culvert master, Flow master, Storm CAD, Microfeap, Grasp, Strand6.1

Language Proficiency:

Bengali : (Mother tongue)- Excellent spoken, reading and writing

English: Excellent spoken, reading and writing

Japanese: Fluency in day to day conversation and partial Reading (Passed Level III Proficiency test conducted by Japanese Government)

Arabic: Fluent in Reading and Writing.