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Professor, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (N.A.M.E.)
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

TELEPHONE : (00-88)(02)966 5650 upto 80, 861 6833 upto 38, 861 8344 upto 49 and 8614640 upto 44 (PABX Lines), Ext 7302 (Off), 7191 (Res)
MOBILE: (00-88) 01619-214-080
bullet Specialisation: bullet
Preiminary Ship Design, Ship Economics, Ship Safety, Transportation System Planning & Procurement Regulations.

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  bullet Brief Activities
bullet Fellow, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, UK, 2010
bullet Head of the Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BUET from 2007 to 2009
bullet Advisor of Bangladesh Shipbuilders Association, since 2008
bullet Director, Dockyard and Engineering Works Ltd., Bangladesh Navy since 2007
bullet Member, Royal Institution of Naval Architects, UK, 1986
bullet Chartered Engineer, UK Engineering Council, 1986
bullet Master of Science, University of New Castle, Upon Tyne, UK, 1983
bullet Bachelor of Scinence in Engineering, Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, BUET, 1975
bullet Rendered Consultancy Services in more than 40 Projects of more than 35 Govt. and Private organisation and International agencies.
bullet Have more than 100 Publications in National and International Journal
bullet Worked in more than 50 local and International Committee
bullet Participated in more than 50 National and International Conferences and Meetings.
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