Proceedings of Workshop on Algorithms and Computation







M. Kaykobad

Md. Saidur Rahman (Eds.)






Message from the Conference Chair

Table of Contents

Plenary Talk

Takao Nishizeki: Inner Rectangular Drawings of Plane Graphs: Application of Graph Drawing to VLSI Layouts. 1-2 

Invited Talk I

Xiao Zhou, Takao Nishizeki: Orthogonal drawings of series-parallel graphs with minimum bends. 3-12 

Yoshiyuki Kusakari, Yuta Sugimoto, Junichi Notoya, Masao Kasai: Methods for Searching Mutual Visible-Intervals on Moving Object. 13-27

Graph Drawings and Graph Algorithms

Md. Abul Hassan Samee, Md. Saidur Rahman: Upward Planar Drawings of Series-Parallel Digraphs with Maximum Degree Three. 28-45

Mohammad Tanvir Irfan, Md. Saidur Rahman: Computing beta-Drawings of 2-Outerplane Graphs. 46-61

Md. Mostofa Ali Patwary, Md. Saidur Rahman: Minimum Face-Spanning Subgraphs of Plane Graphs. 62-75 

Data Structures

N. M. Mosharaf Kabir Chowdhury, Md. Mostofa Akbar, Mohammad Kaykobad: DiskTrie: An Efficient Data Structure using Flash Memory for Mobile Devices. 76-87

Md. Shahjalal, Mohammad Kaykobad: A New Data Structure for Heapsort with Improved Number of Comparisons. 88-96


Atif Rahman, Swakkhar Shatabda, Masud Hasan: Approximation Algorithm for Sorting by Reversals and Transpositions. 97-108

M. Sohel Rahman, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Laurent Mouchard: Pattern Matching in Degenerate DNA/RNA Sequences. 109-120

Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, Md. Mostofa Akbar: A Quorum Based Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Multi-Level Clustered Network Architecture. 121-135

Muhammad Abdullah Adnan, Md. Saidur Rahman: Distribution of Distinguishable Objects to Bins: Generating All Distributions. 136-150

Invited Talk II

Gautam K. Das, Sasanka Roy, Sandip Das, Subhas C. Nandy: Base Station Placement Problem on the Boundary of a Convex Region. 151-152

Akimitsu Ono, Shin-Ichi Nakano: Constant Time Generation of Linear Extensions. 151-161

Takehiro Ito: Partitioning Graphs of Supply and Demand. 162-179