M.Sc in Water Resources Engineering (WR, BUET, 2015)

B.Sc in Water Resources Engineering (WRE, BUET, 2011)


Research Interest

  • River Morphodynamics
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Remote Sening and GIS
  • River and Coastal Engineering

Selected Publications


 Sarker, M.H., Shampa, Akter, J., Hossain, M.S.M., Nair, R.M. Convergence of Inland Navigation and Integrated Water Resources Management,Academic Publisher, New Delhi, India, 2014. (ISBN 9789332701304)


 Shampa, Ali, M. Braided Bar Growth and Adjacent Channel Dynamics: A Case Study of a Sand-bed Braided River, Brahmaputra-Jamuna (In preparation)


Shampa, Ali, M. Numerical Modeling of Bar Dynamics of a Sand-Bed Braided River.Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Water and Flood Management, 2015, pp 41-52.

Shampa, Ali, M. Development of bars in a large sand bed braided rivers. International Conference on Small scale morphological evolution of coastal, estuarine and river systems, Proceedings of SocieteHydrotechnique de France, 2014, pp 1-5.

Shampa, Sarker, M.H. Akter, J. Hossain, S, M. and Nair, R.M. Restoration of inland navigation converging to integrated water resources management goals: a case study of the Kushiyara River.Proceedings of4thInternational Conference on Water and Flood Management, 2013, Vol.2, pp 105-114. 

Jahan, M., Chowdhury, M. M. A., Ahmed, I., Shampa, Rahman, M. M., Hossain, M. A.  andKabir., R. Spatial Variation of Sediment and Some Nutrient Elements in GBM Delta Estuaries: A Preliminary Assessment. Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Innovation in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development(IICSD-2015), Department of Civil Engineering, DUET - Gazipur, Bangladesh, 2015. (Accepted)